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In business since 1985, GLS Associates, Inc. provides the full complement of communications and information technology systems applications and hardware. GLS Associates, Inc. delivers customized communications for the global competitor. We know telecommunications technology presents intriguing applications for organizations of all kinds. And in today’s volatile global environment, the successful competitor must find better ways to communicate.

GLS Associates, Inc. is a growing international leader in the development of innovative solutions for telecommunications and computer applications. We combine innovative, emerging communications technologies and proven products to satisfy each client’s needs, whether they be domestic or international satellite communications for commercial, private or Government applications. We offer system and design engineering, installation and integration, implementation, test, and operations and maintenance (O&M).

The GLS management team focuses on each project’s unique mission and schedule requirements to develop competitive and cost-effective technical solutions. We have the resources, skill, expertise and financial stability to satisfy contractual requirements and to meet project objectives on time and within budget.